Changing Your Game Username


For us to safely change the username of a Member account, please send us a valid transaction reference number*.

Username can only contain letters of ISO Basic Latin Alphabet, numbers and underscores. No other characters or spaces accepted. It's a good idea to send more than one desired name**. For example:

  1. Username1 (most desired)
  2. Username2
  3. Username3
  4. Username4
  5. Username5 (least desired)



(*) Steam transaction number is only 19 digits

(*) Paymentwall transaction number starts with a W, followed by 9 digits (e.g. w112233445)

(*) Please do not send Reference number for Steam DLC purchase, PayPal transfer, or screenshot from your online banking.

(*) For retail memberships (DVD purchase), send the activation code obtained with the DVD.

(*) You should find the transaction number in a confirmation email, or Steam Wallet. If you have not received a confirmation email or a transaction number, Kindly contact:
Steam Support or Paymentwall Support

(**) If the requested username is already in use we will check the remaining ones. Usernames will not be made available by taking them from their other accounts no matter how long it has been since they logged in.


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