I want to change my username


Username can only contain letters of ISO Basic Latin Alphabet, numbers and underscores. No other characters or spaces accepted. You can detect if a username is already taken using the profile search function**.


For us to safely change the username of a Member account, please send us a valid transaction reference number as follows:

  • Steam transaction number is only 19 digits and can be found in Steam Purchase History. Only em$ and membership purchases are accepted. Please do not send any transaction number for Wallet top up or DLC Bundle.
  • Paymentwall transaction number starts with 'w' followed by 9 digits (e.g. w123456789). You should find it in a confirmation email. If you haven't received any, please contact Paymentwall Support.
  • For retail memberships (DVD purchase), please send the activation code.
  • We won't be able to validate Gift Codes, PayPal transaction number, or bank transaction number.

(**) Usernames will not be made available by taking them from their accounts no matter how long it has been since they logged in.

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