Error & Exit Codes


Code: 16001
Reason/Fix: Invalid game session. Restart the game from theHunter web site.  (Check if your account has a username, if it does not contact

Code: 16002
Reason/Fix: Failed to connect to theHunter game server. The game server is having problems. Please try again a bit later.

Code: 16003
Reason/Fix: Invalid operating system. theHunter only runs on Windows 7, Windows 8 Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

Code: 16004
Reason/Fix: The game has not been started through the launcher. Restart the game from theHunter web site.

Code: 16005
Reason/Fix: The game has crashed and a debug .dmp file has been uploaded to the game server. 

Code: 16007
Reason/Fix: Only one instance of the game can run on one computer. Reboot, Restart the game.

Code: 16008
Reason/Fix: Invalid settings file version. Please update the game settings in the launcher settings menu.

Code: 1073741515
Reason/Fix: Error occurred within the launcher. Reboot and start a new hunt. Didn't work? Reinstall the launcher:

Code: 138
Reason/Fix: Firewall related. Check that the Launcher and theHunter are allowed through your firewall.

Incompatible Hardware
Reason/Fix: Your machine may not meet the minimum requirements. Send the following to support:

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