I made a purchase but didn't receive anything


If you purchased em$ or a membership but didn't receive anything, please follow these instructions.

Please note that payment of type "eCheck" does not clear immediately. The purchased item will automatically be added to your account once the payment clears.

If the above didn't help and you see that your payment is completed please contact theHunter Support with as much information about the purchase as you can.

Please include Steam or Paymentwall transaction information only. For further assistance with Paymentwall contact support@paymentwall.com.
For further assistance with Steam, submit a support ticket with Steam. https://support.steampowered.com/newticket.php

  • Username
  • em$ amount or membership type
  • Email address you use to login at www.thehunter.com
  • Date of payment
  • Transaction number (w00000000) If you did not receive a transaction number starting with a "w", please contact support@paymentwall.com.
  • The more information you provide the easier it will be to locate the transaction and get your account credited.
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