What to send to support


General / Technical

  1. Game username.
  2. email you use to login.
  3. Getting an error. Send the error code or message.
  4. Description (reason for contacting support)

Purchase not received, send the following:

  1. Username
  2. em$ amount or membership type
  3. Email address you use to login at www.thehunter.com
  4. Email address used, if any, to make the payment (e.g. for PayPal)
  5. Payment provider (Paymentwall or Steam)
  6. Date of payment
  7. Steam Confirmation Number or Paymentwall Transaction number (w00000000) If you did not receive a transaction number starting with a "w", please contact support@paymentwall.com.

The more information you provide the easier it will be to locate the transaction and get your account credited.

Never send because Expansive Worlds/theHunter will never ask for:

  • Your password.
  • Your credit card number. 
  • Personal information. (phone, address etc...)
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