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Q: Can I trade-in/sell weapons (equipment)?
A: Once a item is purchased it is yours to keep and can not be refunded. Be sure to read the item description before making purchases.

Q: Why do I have 2 of some weapons?
A: It is possible to own 2 of each weapon and scope. Renewing your membership will add the 2nd weapon to your inventory.

Q: Can I remove duplicate weapons?
A: Yes. Send a detailed list to

Q: Can duplicate weapons be given to other players?
A: No. Items can not be transferred between accounts.

Q: If I do not like an item I just purchased can I get a refund?
A: No, Once items are purchased from the store they are not refundable. Please select purchases wisely.

Q: I did a Earn em$ offer and did not receive the em$
A: The em$ credits are controlled by the partners themselves (SponsorPay, Matomy, RadiumOne, SupersonicAds, trialpay, SuperRewards and TokenAds), Expansive Worlds and has no control over the completion of the offers.

Q: I own an item that is also available in a bundle. Can I get a discount or refund for the item if I buy the bundle?
A: No.

Q: I purchased a set of clothes as individual pieces. Now they are out in a bundle, can I get the em$ difference of what I paid added back to my account.
A: Contact Cases are handled depending on the situation.

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