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The following FAQ pertain to theHunter Official Forum only

Q: Do I have to create a separate account to post on the forum?
A: The game a forum are two different accounts. In order to post on the forum you would need to create an account.

Q: I am trying to register and I keep getting a message “Complete the PlayThrus game”. What do I need to do?
A: After accepting the terms agreement the next page will have a flash or html5 game to play as a spam filter. The PlayThrus game runs in both HTML5 and Flash. The games automatically detect what the user’s browser supports and serves the appropriate game. If you do not see the game please try registering on a different browser.

Q: How do I change my forum password?
A: Step 1) Click on User Control Panel

Step 2) Go to Profile
Step 3) Go to Edit Account Settings
Step 4) Type your Current Password
Step 5) Type a New Password
Step 6) Retype your New Password
Click Submit.

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