How to Access Medved-Taiga on Console


The world of theHunter: Call of the Wild has just got bigger. Inspired by the harsh and frozen landscape of Siberia, the new map features six new species of animals, countless unique landmarks, and a full blown narrative mission structure. The DLC is now available on XBOX and PlayStation Stores.

The latest console patch contains all the necessary content needed to enjoy Medved-Taiga, please make sure that patch is fully downloaded prior to accessing the new reserve.

In order to enter the Medved-Taiga (or switch between the any of the reserves), you need to do the following:

  1. Continue your existing game (“Continue” Button from the Main Menu)
  2. Open your in-game map (“Start” button on Xbox One, or “Menu” on PS4)
  3. “Toggle Reserve Selection” (“X” button on Xbox One, or “Square” button on PS4) as seen in the image below:


4) Hit corresponding button to bring up the reserve selection screen.

5) Select “Medved-Taiga” from the shown world map and confirm (“A” button on Xbox One, or “X” button on PS4)

We hope that the above instructions will help clarify things for you. Should you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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