Performance / Framerate Drop on Console


We are very sorry to hear of the difficulties you are experiencing with performance / framerate drops when playing theHunter: Call of the Wild.

We are currently investigating reports of some players being affected by this issue. As it seems to affect only certain players (and not all) some extra investigation is required on our part. In order to speed up this process we’d be grateful if you could provide us with the following:

  1. Type of console you play on (Xbox One/Xbox One X/PS4/PS4 Pro)
  2. A copy of your save file. Please see instructions below.

Xbox One:
The above information can be sent by clicking on "Submit a Request" in the top right corner.

We thank you for taking your time in aiding us in this matter and apologise for the inconvenience it has caused. Rest assured that resolving this issue is of utmost priority for us.

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