How to Send your Save Files to Support


If you have an issue with the game, we will always do our best to investigate it and fix it to provide you with a smooth hunting experience. In order to speed up this process we’d be grateful if you could provide us with the following:

  1. Type of Platform you play on (PC/Xbox One/Xbox One X/PS4/PS4 Pro)
  2. A copy of your save file. Please see instructions below.

For PC Players: Your save file is located in the following directory:


Kindly convert the 'Saves' Folder into a (zipped) folder and send it to us by clicking on "Submit a Request" in the top right corner.

For Console Players: Please follow these links to obtain save files from PS4 or Xbox One.

We thank you for taking your time in aiding us in this matter and apologise for the inconvenience it has caused.

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