I made a purchase without receiving my em$ or membership


If you have made a purchase (em$, or membership) without receiving it for a couple of hours already, please submit a request with the transaction number as follows:

For Steam Purchases:

  • Transaction number is only 19 digits, and can be found in Steam Purchase History.
  • Note that Steam Wallet Top Up transaction is not related to theHunter.
  • If you purchased a DLC, or unable to find the transaction number, please contact Steam Support directly for assistance.

If purchased through www.thehunter.com or the web launcher:

  • Transaction number starts with 'w' followed by 9 digits (e.g. w123456789). You should find it in a confirmation email. If you haven't received any, please contact Paymentwall Support.
  • Note that if you selected eCheckes as your payment method, it can take up to 6-8 business days to clear.

Note that we cannot locate your transaction or issue any items without a valid transaction number in the formats mentioned above. We do NOT acknowledge payments through any other method.

It's worth mentioning that it's not uncommon for incomplete purchases to appear on your statement as 'pending transaction' or 'pre-authorized'. In that case, the charges will not be final.

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