How do I activate my membership code?


If you have purchased a DVD, or a membership code from a retailer or an online store, you can activate it by going to


The code will have a format similar to the following:


Retail Activation Codes are different from our Store Gift Codes. If the code is valid, the next screen will confirm which items are included with your membership. Please note that Deployable Hunting Towers are not included in retail memberships.


If you already have an account, select 'add to existing user', then key in your account email and password.


Your account has now been credited with Membership and equipment. The code can only be used once where the membership will last for 3-6 months (depending on the your purchase). However, all items will remain on your account indefinitely except for consumables (e.g. Scent eliminator, Scent Spray).

Please save your activation code to use as a proof of ownership in case it's needed.

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